Shelloch Garden Designs offers a range of services to meet the specific requirements of clients and their gardens. From initial consultations to the final planting of beds and borders all elements of the design process are available.


A full garden design will transform a site. It will produce a garden tailored to the practical and aesthetic needs of the client, taking into consideration the physical characteristics of the area.


Beds, borders, terraces and patios can be transformed by a fresh approach and new planting. Professional planting design can inject new life and style into a garden.


Don’t know where or whether to start? A consultation with Shelloch Garden Designs will focus your ideas and tell you what is possible and achievable within your budget.


Planting your garden yourself can seem a daunting task . Basic advice about your site and how to choose the right plants for it can provide a valuable starting point.


Advice and bespoke masterclasses on maintenance are available for individual clients, in particular those with recently planted gardens or who are taking on a mature garden.


Small-scale additions, new containers, border re-vamping. If a new design is not required small changes can still make a difference.