Here is a run-down of the various stages and elements of a garden design. A full garden design, build and plant will inevitably involve all stages but in some cases you may only require certain services.


Initial Contact

When you contact me I will establish some basic facts with you about your garden. Its size, condition and any specific physical characteristics ( such as slopes or rockeries) are useful to know, plus the age and style of the property. It is also important to gauge at this point how much you would like to invest in your garden, so that I can give you an indication of what can be achieved within your budget.

Design Consultation

This takes the form of an on-site discussion which can last up to two hours depending on the size of your garden.

I will take an in-depth brief so I will be keen to know about your own ideas, your likes, dislikes, lifestyle and style preferences. I will steer you through this process, and it is helpful if you can bring any photos or articles that demonstrate the style of garden that you are looking to achieve.

A consultation fee is charged for the visit.

Survey and Site Analysis

If you decide to proceed with a garden design, the next visit would be to conduct a full garden survey which includes measuring the site, noting the levels, shrubs and trees and taking photographs for reference. Soil and site analysis are also undertaken to establish the physical characteristics of the garden.

Outline Design

Based on the survey plan and your brief, I will produce ( usually 2 ) concept drawings for you showing potential layouts and styles for discussion. I also produce 3D CAD drawings and mood boards.

Presentation Plan and Detailed Drawings

When the outline design has been agreed, a Layout plan is created which is a full scaled drawing of the garden plan. It includes an indication of recommended materials and feature plants and trees.The Layout plan will be suitable for a landscape contractor to use to construct your garden. However, some additional detailed drawings which show the construction detail of elements of the garden may also be necessary, which I can provide.

Planting Plan

A planting plan tailored to your garden design and your personal style and maintenance preferences is produced at this stage and will allow us to provide purchase lists for the nurseries and costings.


Specifications documents are produced for contractors to use as a basis for their quote.

Appointing a Landscaper

Assistance in appointing a contractor is available. Plans for contractors and on-site visits to show them the project can also be arranged.

Project Inspection

This is a monitoring service for the construction element of the garden.With your agreement I will make a minimum of 3 visits during the garden build: at start, middle and end of the build or more frequently at your request.

Plants and Planting

Plants can be supplied and put in the ground for you. The advantage to this is that I can follow my planting design with sensitivity and with the knowledge of what I am trying to achieve for you. I will personally select plants from the best nurseries to ensure the best specimens are provided and if substitutions are required the most appropriate plant for the scheme will be selected.

Your Budget

A garden design project should always be considered in the same light as having an extension built or a new kitchen. They are complex projects, requiring the pulling together of different trades and skills, but as in both my examples, will have a profound effect on your property and how you experience it.

Love your Garden

A garden design will create a space which reflects your personal style and is tailored to your practical requirements.