If you are looking for a planting design of what plants would work according to your garden, personal tastes and style, I can produce that for you.

Our first visit would be a consultation after which we will give you a copy of the brief for you to agree.

Shelloch Garden Designs would then undertake a full or partial survey of the garden, depending on the size of the site and the positioning of the planting required. We will base our planting plan on the subsequent plan drawing.

We will then produce a scaled drawing of the planting plan, and also give you a comprehensive list of the plants in the plan, including a basic care guide, and a visual reference to what your garden plants will look like.


Plant supply

Shelloch Garden Designs can source and supply the plants recommended in your planting plan, and also offer a planting service as well. This takes the time and effort out of renovating a garden, allowing you sit enjoy watching the plants grow and flourish.

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